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Reduce time & costs in hiring new graduates. Evaluate your new graduate recruits to find the best!

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Redefine your talent strategies today with the Science of Behaviormetrics®.
Attract, Retain, and Develop talent with science-backed solutions.

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We proudly announce a 95% NPS Score on our unique and innovative talent solutions.

1st Pioneer of the Science of Behaviourmetrics® for unmatched talent insights

Global Leader of workplace strengths assessments. Use positive psychology and the top of 20 tools registered with the B.P.S. for a better workforce
Reinforce Employer Branding and better Workplace Culture 10x faster with a completely customizable Lighthouse of your own.
1 million Tests.
12 Million Unique Data Points. 22 Million Global Employees.
100% Endorsement on Expected Impact

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The Talent Enterprise survey highlights the complexities of employee wellbeing in an era of the ‘new normal’

Struggling with ‘digital debt’ at work? Here’s how AI can help
Measuring talent using the science of behaviour metrics

The Talent Enterprise, a Global Assessment Company Expands in India

According to Talent Enterprise, this multi-modal approach can help employers

Tailored Solutions for Every Challenge

High Potential

Harness Behaviourmetrics® to identify and nurture your organization’s future leaders and ensure a robust leadership pipeline.

Wellbeing & Happiness

Tailor programs designed to boost employee morale ensuring a happy, productive, and loyal workforce.


Benefit from certified coaches who provide personalized interventions, guiding your employees as needed.

Accelerating Innovation

Assess your organization’s digital readiness and get insights on how to drive innovation and digital transformation.


Leadership & Succession Planning

Ensure smooth leadership transitions with our comprehensive approach and prepare successors to take on the mantle well in advance.

Women in Leadership

Identify, nurture, and uplift female employees, ensuring they get the leadership roles they deserve.

Engaging Your Workforce

Certify your engagement strategies to be comprehensive and practical with our engagement model.

Youth and Employability

Prepare upcoming generations for the challenges and opportunities of the future with our youth-focused programs.

Hire X Graduate

Leverage cognitive and personality assessments to attract, evaluate, and rapidly onboard newly graduating talent.


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