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Leadership & Digital Innovation in the Arab World

Unravelling the Interplay Between Cultural Heritage and Technological Progress in the Region

Only 94% of leaders think innovation is critical to their industry

Merely 32.7% of firms reward employees for innovative ideas

About 1/3rd of employees lack management support when innovation stumbles

A shift towards digital transformation is pivotal for all  leaders in the Arab world

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Accelerating Innovation

Amidst the outcry for innovation, many companies are yet to fully embrace the core of digital transformation and its dynamics.

The Talent Enterprise’s unique The Innovation Mindset Index™ is a strength-based psychometric assessment that is mapped to five different Innovation Mindsets to help understand each person’s style of innovation.

Leaning on the power of our tailored Innovation and Digital Readiness Survey (IDRS) and Innovation Mindset Index (IMI) Assessment, we decipher your organisation’s distinct innovation styles, paving the way for precise, desired outcomes and a comprehensive understanding of your digital readiness.


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