Empowering Women in Leadership

Our ‘Women in Leadership’ initiative is a nuanced, culturally-informed solutions designed to enhance the stature of Arab women leaders, addressing their distinct challenges. Discover a programme honouring tradition while forging a path to innovation and change.

Empower Women in Leadership

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Our Women In Leadership Programs 

Our Women In Leadership Programs have been shown to have a significant positive impact on both participants and organizations, according to their testimonials:


Most times, I am generally comfortable with public speaking.

From 26% to 78%


I have the information, knowledge and skills I need to develop in my career.
From 53% to 100%


I am usually comfortable in disclosing about my genuine self at work.

From 68% to 94%


I am aware of my strengths and areas of development.

From 68% to 100%

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Women in Leadership

Our comprehensive solution for enhancing the skills of women in the workplace unfolds in three meticulously designed phases over a span of up to 11-12 months.

Initially, in the ‘Design’ phase, we conduct focus groups, surveys, and utilise The Thriving Index® strengths based assessment to tailor the intervention.

This segues into the ‘Develop’ phase, encompassing an Immersion Week, tailored learning modules, coaching sessions, enriching podcasts, and inspiring Ted-x style talks.

Finally, to ensure lasting impact, our ‘Sustain’ phase, revisits the learning through post-impact surveys and targeted sustainment activities.

  Let’s Talk

Reach out to us and let’s explore how we can develop a comprehensive solution that caters to enhancing the skills of the women in the workplace by building and executing customisable plans.

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