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ATD Conference & Exhibition: 4 & 5 December 2023

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Everything You Need to Know

Keynote Speech

“Succession Planning
in this Digital Age”
Dec 04, 12:00

Learn how digital transformation is reshaping leadership and building lasting organizational legacies.

Join Faisel Bashir, Senior Director KSA and Growth Markets at The Talent Enterprise, as he displays how these dynamics reshape leadership.

Panel Discussion

“Ai x HR: Enhancing Efficiency or Diminishing Human Connections?”
Dec 04, 14:00
Discover the synergy of technology and human expertises with the transformative impact of AI on HR practices.

Join Faisel Bashir, Senior Director KSA and Growth Markets at The Talent Enterprise, in a discussion about AI in enhancing human capital and HR practices.

Panel Session

“Future Proof Your Talent Strategy: Redefining Great!”
Dec 05, 12:55
Nurture your workforce that’s ready and excels in tomorrow’s world. Explore key trends in talent management.

Join Saher Farghal from The Talent Enterprise, Helene Gaubert Director, and Masood Alqahtani on why investing in HR Tech and management is crucial.

Seminar Slot

“Navigating the Evolving Talent Landscape: A Closer Look at the Driving Forces”

Dec 05, 11:00

Dive into our unique talent strategy. Uncover how our talent management drives organizational success.

Delve into Saudi’s talent outlook in 5-10 years, with our moderator Amish Bhargava, Senior Consultant of Commercial and Client Success at The Talent Enterprise.