Fact Sheet: Succession Planning with The Talent Enterprise

Overview: Succession planning is the strategic process of identifying and developing potential future leaders or senior managers within an organisation, as well as individuals, to fill other critical positions.

Key Statistics

  • 1 in 2 leaders cannot engage employees and fail to turn their teams or organisations into high performing
    machines and 1 of 4 successors are at high engagement and attrition risk
  • 46% of leaders fail to meet their business objectives in a new role and most companies tend to hire
    at least 40% of their senior-level positions externally

Challenges in Succession Planning

  1. Identifying genuine high-potential individuals amidst a sea of promising talents.
  2. Ensuring a seamless leadership transition without disrupting business operations.
  3. Balancing between past achievements and future potential when selecting leaders.
  4.  Vacancy Risk, where critical positions being vacant pose a significant threat.
  5. Readiness Risk where under-developed successors can potentially hinder the process.
  6. Transition Risk where striking the right balance between past achievements and future potential when selecting leaders.
  7. Portfolio Risk where effectively managing talent deployment against business goals.

What The Talent Enterprise Offers

  1. Deep Insights: Comprehensive multi-modal approach to talent assessment and management.
  2. Innovative Tools: Cutting-edge tools and methods tailored to address unique organisational challenges.
  3. Transformative Results: Success stories like DHL, NEOM, SMAI, and more where The Talent Enterprise
    solutions radically improved their leadership pipeline.

Unique Selling Points of The Talent Enterprise’s Approach

  1. The Thriving Index®: An innovative metric that gauges leadership capability beyond conventional measures.
  2. 360 Perspective Index®: Holistic approach to leadership assessment considering multiple feedback points.
  3. Future-Oriented: Our methods prioritise future potential over past performance, ensuring a robust
    and adaptable leadership pipeline.

Benefits of Effective Succession Planning

  1. Continuity: Ensures business operations run smoothly even amidst leadership transitions.
  2. Future-Proofing: Prepares the organisation for unforeseen changes and market demands.
  3. Talent Retention: Demonstrates to employees that there’s a clear career path, reducing turnover.

Engagement with The Talent Enterprise

From awareness to decision-making, our campaign provides
  1. Informative content highlighting the importance of succession planning.
  2. In-depth looks into our solutions and success stories.
  3. Actionable tools and resources to kickstart your organisation’s succession planning journey.

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